Discover The Secrets Of An Effective Sober Living Home Business Plan

If you are thinking about writing a Sober Living Home Business Plan I'm glad you found this site because it'll almost certainly save yourself some time and a lot of unwanted frustration.

"Lack of a stable, alcohol and drug free living environment can be a serious obstacle to sustained abstinence."

-Douglas L. Polcin, Ed.D.

Frustrated With What To Write About?

Most people assume that it's difficult to prepare a business plan. Nothing could be further from the truth. We'll show you exactly what you need to include along with…

"Relapse rates are high when clients in outpatient programs have to live in situations that are not supportive of recovery"

February 4th, 2011 – Posted by Betty Ford Institute in Abused Drugs

Strategic Tips to Make Sure
Your Profiting and Not Losing Money.

This is NOT for you if...

1. Your Looking For a Template
There are special circumstances you will need to include in your business plan. The differences will vary according to where you are located.

2. Your Trying To Start an Absentee Business
Sober living homes take planning and marketing. If you are looking for a plan not requiring your involvement this is NOT for you.

3. Your Just Searching For Research Articles
There has been significant research on sober living homes the purpose of this product is to help you write a successful sober living home business plan.

4. You Want a Quick Income Fix
If you believe you can just buy a house, move in and get paid, this is not for you. There are specific requirements you MUST know if you plan to open a Sober Living Home.

"...use of supportive housing alternatives appears to provide an opportunity for substantial cost savings..."

-Schinka JA

Who this IS for

A Bit About the Creator

Wendell Montney

Wendell Montney, Phd, CAADC

In the early 1980’s Wendell had the opportunity to design the first for profit day treatment program in the State of Michigan. This program reduced the high costs of residential treatment by allowing individuals to live at home and have intense treatment.

In the 80’s – early 90’s:
- Developed hospital based detoxification programs and consulted for the same
- Consulted with businesses to enhance profitability
- Consulted with agencies seeking to implement new programming for substance abuse treatment
- Consultation with agencies seeking accreditation
- Co-founder of a large treatment agency for Adolescent and Adults with Co-occurring disorders
- Developed and Implemented strategies for Recovery Oriented Systems of Care
- 24 years of business experience
- 30 years experience working with addiction populations through a full continuum of care.

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